Led control

Each lighting installation is unique and needs to consider design and smart lighting control aspects to meet the comprehensive requirements of big projects. At Indata we work individually with our customers and we can plan, design, develop and produce custom smart lighting control electronics with various specifications.

Additional information

  • LED dimming solutions addressing all kinds of general lighting applications from simple strip light to high power LED systems offer basic (0-10V, PWM), standard (DALi, DMX) or custom (wireless) dimming interfaces.
  • DC/DC switch mode LED drivers increase system efficiency up to 95% for high power LEDs or PWM for LED simpler solution with linear driver.
  • Proximity and gesture recognition systems that allow the user to control their application with a simple waive of their hand.

To browse the standard controllers and drivers plese download the PDF catalogue or contact us for custom requests.


  •  Preview Datasheet (pdf)
  •  Scheme (pdf)

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