Surface Mount Devices

Indata d.o.o. prides itself with two SMD lines for assembling PCB boards with electronic elements since 2008. Due to the ever-growing demands after high quality we use powerful placing machines. We operate with 2 fully automated SMD production lines, Europlacer line for prototypes and small productions and Juki line for mass production. In order to minimize potential irregularties, the majority of tasks on the production line is automated and we strive to constantly improve the line to ensure high quality solutions tailored to the needs of the customer. Beside SMD production, we can also offer assembly and soldering THT components.

SMT Line 1


  • Printer: Speedprint SP710 (Board dimension: 45×45 to 500x500mm)
  • SPI: TRI 7007
  • P&P1: XPII 2 (size 0402 to 99x99mm, IPC:22.300cph)
  • P&P2: IINEO 1 ( size 0402 to 99x99mm, IPC: 12.500cph)

SMT Line 2


  • Printer: GKG Titan with SPI (board size: 50×50 to 515x515mm)
  • P&P: JUKI RS-1R ( 0201 to 150x50mm, IPC:31.000cph)
  • Reflow: ERSA Hotflow 3/14e